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Bitcoin currency

Bitcoin currency

Bitcoin is an experimental new digital currency. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority

Regulators See Value in Bitcoin, and Investors Hasten to Agree


  • jaguar1637 3670 days ago

    Yep, Bitcoin should reach 1000 $ each as expected

    I predict, into 2 years, it could reach 5000$, even more

  • JohnLast 3642 days ago

    Even 10 000$. But it may also miserably crash. Eventually this became the most spectacular speculative opportunity suggested by this site.

    Nobody can complain I was talking about it when it was 5$.

    Now I see another speculative opportunity with big profit to risk ratio. If bitcoin is the digital gold there is also digital silver. And the digital silver did not skyrocket yet. If we believe that there should be some future possible cointegration between the two we should buy digital silver.

  • JohnLast 3642 days ago

    I just made a mistake by deleting the original previous comment that was some 30 days ago in order to delete a dead link.

    In this previous comment was suggesting that a cointegration between litecoin and bitcoin can occur. And effectively this happen remarquably in the last 30 days.


    От Crypto_currency


    От Crypto_currency

     You can take a look by yourself.

  • JohnLast 3639 days ago

    Anyway the most profitable strategy depsite the recent crash was mine and hold strategy in crypto currencies.

    One year ago I promissed to tell you what happened with my friends who were interested into this.

    They invested 1500 EUR in infrastructure and they made 2500 EUR (at current prices after the crash).

  • JohnLast 2147 days ago

    My cousing said if I have listened to you :) and your friends about bitcoin. LOL.

    Here there were talks about bitcoin when its value was 5 USD. With accurate predictions of 5000 and

    10 000 USD.