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All 25 indicators from the book "Cybernetics Analysis for Stock and Futures"

By JohnLast 4113 days ago


This is a link from the site of mqlsoft. This is a very good job from those guys to code for mt4 all the Ehlers' indicators.

I prefer to give a link instead to upload the indicators.

  • Fisher Transform
  • Instantaneous Trendline
  • Cyber Cycle
  • CG Oscillator
  • Relative Vigor Index
  • Stochastic RSI
  • Stochastic Cyber Cycle
  • Stochastic CG Oscillator
  • Stochastic Relative Vigor Index
  • Fisher Cyber Cycle
  • Fisher CG Oscillator
  • Fisher Relative Vigor Index
  • Cycle Period
  • Adaptive Cyber Cycle
  • Adaptive CG Oscillator
  • Adaptive Relative Vigor Index   
  • Sinewave
  • Smoothed Adaptive Momentum 
  • Sinewave and Smoothed Adaptive Momentum
  • Two-Pole Butterworth Filter
  • Three-Pole Butterworth Filter  
  • Laguerre Filter    
  • Laguerre RSI
  • Leading