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This FX wizards influential e-book sucking into Forex

By JohnLast 3078 days ago

This is a link to FX wizards, influential e-book sucking into Forex. You know now when I read that it is so naive I would laugh, but at the time I took it for truth and I have paid for that. 

If the greed, fear and discipline was the ultimate truth any EA would be a super trading champion. But No.

More on that they say the problem is to let the winners go and to cut the loosers. But shit. When you try with a weak EA it simply does not work. 

The current edges are not in general chat talks on the forums and books.

However the system described here is not worse or better than any other manual trading system, the guy put a lot of effort to write this and to compile the indicators.

I wanted to improve it starting to replace the indicators one by one with "better" ones. And that is how my quest began.