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MT4 Brokers arsenal: do not be surprised

By JohnLast 4270 days ago Comments (5)
От 23 септември 2011

This is not a joke take a look at the nice portfolio of this provider. That is real. Now you know the answer to the question.

What is happening? Are we under attack?  

Take a look and you will not be surprised any more. There you can find some sweet pluggins for brokers.

-anti-pip trader that is cute:

This Server Side Plug-in is the best solution to prevent Pip traders to request quotations in a very short time. This kind of action is considered as flood action for DDOS attack for the server. Pip Traders can be detected automatically if they want to close some position in a very short time, and not set as Pip Trader in the Comment, this kind of request for clients who may take the benefit of Data feeds delay problems.

-freezing prices

This Server Side Plug-in helps you to protect your company from price freezing situations, which might be caused by the high data flow, at the hectic market situation, this Plug-in will prevent scalpers from taking the advantage of these situations.