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I just launched a spread comparison tool

By S.Zhelev 3195 days ago Comments (7)

Find out which is the broker with the lowest average spread and which broker widened the spread up to 15.6 pips during today GDP release.


  • JohnLast 3195 days ago

    This is very nice, however those comparisons would be valid until you have a special treatment by the MT4 broker using a special pluggin.  

  • S.Zhelev 3195 days ago

    That's right. However most traders blow their accounts without any intervention on behalf of the broker. Anyway later this year I'll release a execution comparison tool and anybody will be able to compare execution time, slippage and requotes on his own.

  • musketeer 3194 days ago

    good 'n huge project! Congrats! :)

    Btw, will be really nice to see it in non-weird state via my favorite firefox.

    And yes, the (almost) only that matters it is the execution, but anyway comapring the spread cant be undervalued. And  the "to compare execution time, slippage and requotes" would be really UNIQUE! Thank you in advance!


  • JohnLast 3194 days ago

    I was surprised that Oanda has so huge spreads. 

  • fxez 3192 days ago

    While interesting due to the comprehensive nature of the study, the spread comparison is only part of the equation. Price shading also comes into play, and can't so easily be determined. An example, I have one strategy I'm forward testing that for the week on EUR/USD (identical strategy) was +105.5 pips on Interactive brokers Idealpro, +117 pips on EUR CME futures, and +95 pips on Oanda. Some of the difference is due to spread and some is due to price shading, and some is due to the execution timing of the underlying system. It is hard to separate out all the factors but bottom line: the total cost of execution is important to determining where one should trade and if one can actually beat the spread.

  • JohnLast 3192 days ago

    fxez thanks for the opinion, I think you are 100 % correct, Now Zhelev has a brainstorming for free ;).  

    I think it is possible to measure and compare other characteristics of the Forex brokers however that would be much more complicated. That would be a agreat service indeed. 

    And there woud be a difference between real and demo accounts and between the real there will be a difference between the different size of the positions. So the question is how far it is reasonable to go.

  • S.Zhelev 3192 days ago

    John Last, Musketeer, Fxez 

    Thank you for your opinions.

    That's right, spread itself is only part of the equation. That's why I'll open REAL accounts with the largest forex broker and will run a EA on all of them. A couple of weeks later I'll have pretty trustworthy statistic of execution time, slippage and requotes.