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  • Elliottware: machine learning extension of Elliott Wave principle

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    General group discussion

    Started by JohnLast 4372 days ago Replies (1) Last reply by jaguar1637 4371 days ago
    My interests are mainly in machining methods and their interaction with human perception of patterns. One such software is ELWAVE. Perhaps the most - good. Unfortunately, the true picture is very complicated at the moment. Another option is to...
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    BPNN use in a trading system

    Started by JohnLast 4651 days ago
    I see two possible ways of use of BPNN. The first way is to use as a panel of experts. There should be used several Nets trained in a different way. For example Elliottware type of training together with short term cycle tuned...
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    You should maybe consider to update the training range

    Started by JohnLast 4633 days ago
    The latest developments and the increase of volatility make me think to update the training range of the BPNN Predictors. By now I consider a training range from 2011.10.4. It makes a training range of about 285 bars on the 30 m time frame.  I...
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    BPNN Predictor with JJMA smoothing

    Started by JohnLast 4652 days ago
    Yesterday I made a shot with BPNN Predictor with JJMA smoothing. Actually it was wrong on the general direction however I still was in profit. In fact he predeictet a target 15 pips away and I was targetting that.  Today he makes another...
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    Actual predictions

    Started by JohnLast 4639 days ago
    Here I add some past predictions. It performed quite well. The trained period was chosen usind data from beginig of September.   От 23 септември 2011