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Started by JohnLast 2831 days ago Replies (1)

My interests are mainly in machining methods and their interaction with human perception of patterns.

One such software is ELWAVE. Perhaps the most - good. Unfortunately, the true picture is very complicated at the moment.

Another option is to manually identify a particular sequence and then to apply and train neural network on it. This approach I call elliotware.

But this complicates things, so I prefer it to keep a focus on three basic things:

-basic linear regression model (channels);

-volatility clusters (i.e. it causes all technical patterns to happen);

-demand and supply levels of accumulation of orders.

    jaguar1637 2831 days ago

    yes, I agree,

    for the first point Channel => I recommend fractals_bands

    for volatiliy clusters, I am still looking for a good solution