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Numbers of ticks to analyze

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Started by jaguar1637 4329 days ago


I got a message on another forum, telling me this : 

  • The main Fibo #'s I've read about in various places are: 144, 233, 512, and 610. 233 and 610 were made famous by some commodities trading author. I'm guessing 133 is frequently mistaken for 144 due to 233. A quick search for Fibo numbers will reveal 512 and all the rest.
  • Just for kicks, I recently collected GBP/CAD 5 digit ticks and found that a 1597 tick chart is loosely comparable to my H1 chart. Although I used a Fibo number because I was too lazy to think of my own number, I imagine you could see any number that works"

Well, after this answer, the MT4 collects a tick quite every 0.2 seconds

The tick period could be provided by the TickPeriods.

As far as I can see, 

  • 144
  • 233
  • 512
  • 610

Depends the strategy, a chap told me 5MN is a good timeframe with this kind of strategy