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A video with Russel Targ

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Started by CamaRon 2456 days ago Replies (5)

Quite interesting. He speaks about trading the silver market, about 10 mins into the video.



    jaguar1637 2456 days ago

    you will laugh at me, but it's true. 

    When I worked in California, near San Jose, in 1996, I went to the Stanford Research and I made a proposal of working in this group.  But , the institute and the experiences were stopped (or may be continued somewhere else)

    jaguar1637 2455 days ago

    i went to a the Stanford Institute, and went tothe information office. They said, the project was closed, but I could knock on a special door. So, I walked and found the door : -

    A woman opened the door and replied me this project was shutted down 

    I heard in the next week, the guys who had participated to this kind of experiences, (of course, they were not initiated in high practise magic or stuff like this), so, most of them went mad, I heard of suicide for one of them.... So, it was an absolute disaster for some people 


      CamaRon 2455 days ago

      Jag, that is very interesting and cool :)
      I think that Russel Targ's work hold some merit, but at the moment I know too little of it.

      What were your thoughts about it, since you obviously had some interest? 

    jaguar1637 2455 days ago

    Hum, It's rather difficult to talk about myself.

    Well, if you go on my web site, you can see how far I have gone on my personal research. Here, this is a branch about enochian langage (from John Dee), I met Runar bcoz, I found something, and Runar was the only one able to talk about (The levels of magicians is very low those days in western societies)

    So, If you are able to watch something totally strange from the normal and logical reality, go on my website  http://jyt.chez.com/IGED/home.no.net/karl24/index.html

    The IGED is the continuation of the work of John Dee, found in revelation by Runar Karlsen. All the calls and tables come are locaed here : http://jyt.chez.com/IGED/home.no.net/karl24/IgedIndx-rel.htm

    Here, this is one of the branch I had have practised during my youngness. To be frank with you, I went too far, so far,  I have attracted plenty of oppositions, ennemies, jalous people, about my knowledge and capabilities (that's why I went directly to the Standford Institute) 

    I can say now, today, for having practise remote viewing, that it's better to you a spirit (a water one) , create it for this specific purpose (no more, no less) and launch it every time you need. Of course, this kind of work is very specific. It was used in Italy, Spain and France, for several centuries for.... protecting  the vines against the philoxera, or to cure someone.

    So regarding the work of the Standard Insitute, with some preparation and investment, it would have been normal to perform remote vieving, without the counter-effect, due to my specific and initial training.

    This training is very harsh and long. You have to take by example hot baths with at least 5 kg of salt, every night during half hour, and after perform complicated technics to attract something outsideyourself, like a solar influence (to fetch courage and all relative qualities), and after able to "integrate" such energies inside the spirit/body. Also, to perform all those kind of technic, they should be a balance between you and your sould, means, you must get a direct and vivid connection with your soul (the soul is a multi level sprit/energy/consciousness), being in touch to get a link and a justification about what you are doing.

    Means, if you have a soul of teacher, the non-ego area inside your individualities, creates ways for your realization, means, the soul attracts events, people and situation to help you to build your own success in what you want to be or to live

    Now, regarding the enochian langage, take care, thare are counter-effects and risk of damage to the humain brain, protections at several levels must be raised.......

    .. .. but here, this is a forum for trader , not a forum for enochian magicians , isn't it ? ;)


    jaguar1637 2455 days ago

    Hi camaron

    I put in files, a picture of an spirit water, I made this one to cure someone.