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New and a couple questions!

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Started by JPDG 2400 days ago Replies (7)

Hey all,

My name is Jason and I'm a part time Forex Trader in the great state of Texas (USA)!  I've been reading tons of threads by John Last and I have a question:

1. What's the most recent version of Brain Trend that y'all are using?  It seems to be continually updated.

2. What other indicators besides IVAR do you think are good?

Thanks, -Jason 

    JohnLast 2400 days ago

    Welcome here.

    This is the main set http://beathespread.com/file/view/291/brain-trend-club-files.

    However I can't say that this is the best.

      JPDG 2400 days ago

      Thanks for the quick response, John.  What other BT files do you recommend?  I trade common forex pairs, 1H, 4H, and Daily.  Best, -JPDG

    JohnLast 2400 days ago

    Check the daily frames for EURUSD. Om lower time frames the system works only if there are consistent persistent market movements.

    I think we are not yet finished with it, we do not have brain trend ea based on SSA end-pointed, I think this is the most visually appealing version of brain trend.

      JPDG 2400 days ago

      Thank you, John.  Speaking of SSA.  I've been looking around for this indicator I've seen in pictures and I can't seem to locate it. 

      m15 SSA squeeze of TriMA indicator.   Where can I download that? 

        JohnLast 2400 days ago

        The SSA end - pointed can be downloaded from this site. This is the legitimate download link. Otherwise I think I have provided many time the files here in SSA ep related indicators.

        On this link is the file of the original brain trend SSA ep. However in this file you need also the jjma library for the Jstochastic. I think s simpler version with the normal Stochastic is fine. 

        This is a part of the great thread of digital ASCTtrend some of the members here we remember well. It was fun.  

        The simple calling of the Brain Trend in an EA was unreliable that is why it was suggested by Mladen to make direct calls of the SSAep in the EA code. Nevertheless nobody did that. I just can't because my skills are just basic level.


          JPDG 2399 days ago

          Thanks so much for the fast response, John.  I downloaded all of the files you mentioned, but for some reason they don't show up on my charts?  I put the one Library file in the Library folder, and the other two in the Indicators folder.  Thoughts?  Best, -Jay

            JohnLast 2399 days ago

            Some metatraders do not allow the indicators to run, alpari metatrader for example does not allow to run the jjma. Try with demo of fxpro.

            By the way I do not recommend to run those codes on trading account, the code is heavy and may cause your metatrader to freeze. Use them for your analysis on separate demo metatrader installation.