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A Japonese Lady Mayumi was successfull in 2008! http://www.mayumifx.com/

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Started by jaguar1637 3911 days ago

Hello to all

A simple woman, a Japanese Lady Mayumi wrote a bestseller in Japan several years ago http://www.mayumifx.com/
Her site is a mix of forex and beauty secret!  

of course, it is written in Japanese

Her technique is simple and similar to the way we see things, I mean the overall architecture

A) She used Bollinger bands in short (20 instead of 50) to see if it is in the right strategy Trending. She also used the 5MA of BBand.stop to stop trades

here, at Beathespread.com, We have the Fractal_bands bcp is more complex, and it is true that it is more difficult to use. I had never thought about using fractal_bands to stop a trade until yesterday

B) Instead of Ivar to remove false entries (which did not exist yet in 2008), she introduced the RCI (Rank Correlation Index) to remove all trades that are not profitable

exactly this specific release, the  RCI_3lines indicator,  http://beathespread.com/file/view/21027/rci-3line-indicator-used-by-lady-mayumi-to-select-profitable-periods

if someone could explain us, how this indie works ....

C) And for logic, she used the Spearman correlation as an oscillator! 

She insisted to say =>  she was able to make more than 100% per month as profit

We can stay humble in front of her