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Fuzzy logic group discussion

Started by JohnLast 2129 days ago Replies (1)

A lot of thanks of jcrada for his software available at https://code.google.com/p/fuzzylite/%C2%A0. I encourage strongly to make a donation if you find this stuff usefull, especially for the guys from the Hedge funds. 

A lot if thanks to Jaguar for getting our attention to this topic.

This can be the general discussion thread within this group. I invite you to comment all general stuff here otherwise the topic would be a complete mess. 

I remind you that in the group there are bookmarks, so the bookmarks go there, and files and the files go there. Blogpost and pages are for stuff you think has a special importance.


  • JohnLast 2129 days ago

    I have added two bookmarks http://beathespread.com/bookmarks/group/21079/all in this group that I think are a good starting point for having a grasp of how fuzzy logic can be integrated within  trading systems.

    I am reading also an online tutorial about fuzzy logic http://www.seattlerobotics.org/encoder/mar98/fuz/fl_part3.html#INTRODUCTION

    This is not an easy stuff but the basic application can be understood without too muc pain ;).

    So I am at the basic starter level. 

    Nevertheless, I think the best way for us to go is not to find metatrader 4 or 5 integrations with 3 rd party software but to go to the basics and find some basic examples how we can integrate this as a simple piece of code for mt4 or mt5. 

    For those who are interested to do this I remind you that this poject may have an immediate commercial implication (mt5) as there is a market.

    The negative point is that fuzzy logic prediction rules are prone to the same level as any other data mining methods to data mining bias. So do not expect that fuzzy logic is some kind of magic bullet or can outperform other ai models. 

    I think fuzzy logic can be used with big success in the money management control system. This is a domain for whcih the fuzzy logic is really built for.