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Started by JohnLast 3080 days ago Replies (1)

I am realizing that newcomers on this site may become disoriented with the content here. 

As this is not a forum but social network topics are not organized in threads. I tried to make groups and to organize things a bit but there is complete freedom. However it is not the complete chaos as facebook where you cannot track back the interesting content. The search tool is quite powerfull.

So you can't force people to participate on threads and they may just share in close groups interesting content or keep their work as their files and to decide to share with others or not. 

But it is normal, just keep in mind to check the jaguar files. Participate here and you will have his friendship. 

    JohnLast 3079 days ago

    Several years ago I was thinking that by reading more about trading you will become a better trader. I was believing that trading education was the key. Trading gurus are making you believe that by learning some secret techniques you would bound to dominate the markets. So all trading gurus are different but that is what is common among them.

    However later on I realized that what they call their "secret" method is just another trading algorythm that is derived through unknown data mining process.

    So what? Those solutions work in several market states and not in other. Some techniques may have worked for years. Unfortunately trading is for the future and betting on those methods has an undeniable gambling element.

    So here it is the same we give some trading methods but they are not necessarily any better than what you will find elsewere.