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Advanced fundamental trading strategy and method are killing, powerful weapon for any real sucessful fx traders or bankers.

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Started by Jack1 4555 days ago

Ok, John, thank you, started to feel powerful thrust of fundamental models trading. I collected lot of research papers in this area, but, haven't found much time to read them. My progress in this area is too slow, which is a pity for me.

Now, I am in holiday, focus on swimming on beach and watching Australian tennis open. After the tennis, I will kick up a deep talk or study on fundamental models, here, hope we can complete some best fundamental trading models or methodology. I will put papers here for discuss.

Welcome all, you to enjoy this study.


Happy New Year 2012 !!!!!!! Year of the Dragon.

The year of Dragon is a luck, good, rich year in Chinese tradition. When we get good, powerful fundamental model tool, we are supposed to make good pips in fx trading.

Don't forget to make your wife to have a Dragon Son ! in 2012.


Cheers !