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Fundamental articles: Post hoc ergo propter hoc?

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Started by JohnLast 4189 days ago

I really think that the fundamental articles are sources of information but I really am looking for free fundamental analysis that is using structural approach. I mean there are many fundamental variables that can be explanatory but few of them are the most important. That means it is possible to build a model on that and track the fundamental data as they come.  

I am serious about that but I never had the time to implement that. One of the ideas I had that so many authors talked about the Commitment of Traders report. So it is possible to buil a model on that and use that model. The machine learning is not limited to price analysis we can apply to any fundamental data. 

Those kind of structured research do exist but you won't get it on twitter, on fxfactory or fxstreet for sure.

I beleive that the quantitative analysis is beyong technical or fundamental analysis. Even the opinions can be quantified and back tested. If we are going to use the intuition we better use the quantified intuition protocols of the project Star Gate. :).