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Power fuse indicator and review

Power fuse indicator and review
By JohnLast 2980 days ago Comments (3)

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Those are the Power fuse indicators for Metatrader 4. Not bad, but it is based on the BB MACD indicator but it is not the same bacause the BB MACD is calling also the standard deviation indicator. 

The Power fuse indicator is based on the MACD indicator, it is the iMACD function that is calling the ordinary MACD.

The Power fuse indicators are not bad.




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  • JohnLast 2979 days ago

    Thanks for the inspirational video. I really enjoy to hear and watch stuff like that from time to time about a guy who is going to reveal me the way to reaches. Those stories are so good that you can't kill them.

    So I made my own research comparing the power fuse indicators and the common BB MACD.

    So, it is the same. By the way banks nowadays do not use technical indicators they are running their sophisticated valuation models worth billions on infrastructure also worth billions.


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  • JohnLast 2979 days ago

    So you may ask if they are using so sophisticated models what can we expect? My answer is that according to the most modern market hypothesis the market is hardly predictable.

    When it is not predictable you may employ a quadrillion worth model you won't make it.

    And when the market is predictable you can predict it with the simple moving average coming free in your trading software.

    As for the speed, the nasty surprises are coming ahead when more and more monkeys will go to the same branch.