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TDI Caterpillar with alerts

TDI Caterpillar with alerts
By JohnLast 2923 days ago Comments (19)

This is  a mod of the Caterpillar SSA. According to Ricmi even if it is not a end-pointed versio sometimes it may be usual. However the alerts do not look to repaint. According to the test so far it is good to capture oscillations. However there is a difference with the arrows bar per bar and the arrows when they are apllied afterwards. And that is easy to explain it is the nature of the SSA. 

However take care to apply it when there is an increase in volatility. The best use is in normal market conditions, when there are not very large bars. If the fractal dimension is particularly high and it is clear that the market conditions are antipersistent do not use it. 


От Поле за пускане


От Поле за пускане



  • ricmi 2922 days ago

    Great job,John,but as you can see from my first mail,I thought the alert when green line crossing blue BB/volatility/ line.I hope this isnt very difficult for you.


  • sachinarora 2911 days ago

    Traders Dynamic Index SSA normalized ep-sharp

    please add arrows on crossings red green lines


  • KAUSTUBH 2908 days ago

    Exellent work! But do you find it eats up lot of CPU and slows the terminal?

  • JohnLast 2908 days ago

    Oh yes. That is right. That is why I proposed to use the SSA end-pointed version. It is considerably faster and much more optimized dll. I tried to use the SSA end - pointed dll with the Caterpillar but it did not work. 

    The advantage is that the Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) calculations they extract cycles from the market but they do not assume that they exist. Wgen you use a typical cycle information indicator it will assume that a cycle exist in the market and act on this. However it is not sure that clearly identified cycles exist in the market. This is not sure at all, sometimes there are and sometimes they are not there. Even a deterministic behaviour is rarely observed. The markets are chaotic most of the time, especially Forex. Sometimes a deterministic begaviour can be observed and cracked like  this expert does for the EUR/CHF.

    I believe that this is a state of the art of a cycle analysis.  




  • ricmi 2780 days ago



  • ricmi 2780 days ago

    Thats my way of using unmistakably tdi cat.

  • JohnLast 2780 days ago

    What is the indicator at the bottom of the chart?

    I see I think we have an indicator which is giving a signal when the TDI blue and red lines go beyond the volatility band (blue lines). But which one was that indicator, or it was for the TDI caterpillar?!

  • JohnLast 2780 days ago

    I think here is the version with the volatility alerts.

  • ricmi 2780 days ago

    Swiss army histo,author is MissPips -Forex factory THV thread

  • JohnLast 2780 days ago

    Aha thanks. 

  • JohnLast 2739 days ago

    Yes the  TDI Caterpillar with alerts is a nice indicator based on the idea to use advanced time series methods and to feed them instead of the simple price into robust and proven indicators or complexed systems.

    That simple idea brought many different mods and advanced indicators.


  • JohnLast 2728 days ago

    I updated the traders dynamic index caterpillar with the new version.

    In the new version it is corrected  a bug about the audio alert indication. And the open price is the default price for the indicator, in that way the probability that your platform would freeze is lower.

    If your platform freezes and you cannot start it again there is a simple way. Just disconnect from internet and the platform will load then just remove the traders dynamic index caterpillar.

    Here in the file there are three versions of the  traders dynamic index caterpillar:

    the normal  traders dynamic index caterpillar

    the normalized traders dynamic index caterpillar

    the traders dynamic index caterpillar with volatility alerts. Those alerts are fired when the Caterpillar goes beyound the volatility ATR bands.

    Keep in mind that there is a difference between what you see and what you get. As it is shown on the picture. However the arrows do not repaint. 

  • Cracker Jack 2728 days ago

    Thanks for the update John.


  • JohnLast 2727 days ago

    In orer to have a realistic picture of the traders dynamic index caterpillar you need to rn it under the tester bar by bar. However that will not help you to find the best settings because you need to make a pass everytime you change the settings of the traders dynamic index caterpillar.

    I made a mod using the SSA end-pointed, but plotted on the chart is far less sexy that the  traders dynamic index caterpillar.

    Anyway keep in mind that this stuff will not give you good signals when the market is with high fractal dimension. When the market is with low fractal dimension you may consider the signals of the  traders dynamic index caterpillar with much more confidence.


  • Cracker Jack 2727 days ago

    So is it possible then to embody the readings  of say the Ivar (above or below 0.5) within the  traders dynamic index caterpillar. This would then be reflected in either a readout on the caterpillar or in a change of colour on the TDI caterpillar yellow market base line, as to the markets fractal dimension status. Now that would be sexy!  

  • JohnLast 2727 days ago

    Yes of course it is possible but I cannot maket it. And why to do so? Only a historical testing will tell you if that really has worked. 

    The problem with the traders dynamic index caterpillar and all caterpillar and SSA mods is that they are very heavy. The iVAR calculations are by themsleves heavy to, so that makes very difficult the work of the genetic optimizer to make passes. 

  • sachinarora 1313 days ago

    hi john

    problem with 

    TDI Caterpillar with alerts  not shown in new mrtatrader4 pls check thanks

  • sachinarora 1313 days ago


    modify ind with new built compatibility



  • jaguar1637 1312 days ago

    ok I will do it right now