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  • Proof of the best correlations of Medium line given by Fractal Bands and Bollinger Bands (to Price)

Proof of the best correlations of Medium line given by Fractal Bands and Bollinger Bands (to Price)

Proof of the best correlations of Medium line given by Fractal Bands and Bollinger Bands (to Price)
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By jaguar1637 4353 days ago Comments (2)

Now, for Albert, this is the proof, Fractal Bands indicators is better than Bollinger Bands, because the Correlation of the Fractal_Bands (Medium Line) is better than the Correlation of the Bollinger Bands (Medium LIne)



  • albert 4352 days ago

    Hello !

    I'm agree my solution is not perfect. But i will continue to test it, because it gaves me some pips. We are here to make pips, right ?

    Thanks for your work with the correlation very interesting.

  • JohnLast 4352 days ago

    What Jaguar wants is to show us some alternatives solutions. And if a solution is somewhat 1 % better overall you will have an edge.

    My own theory is that the eyes are big liars you can't trust them. The only wat to know is to use a precise EA logic. Still there is no way to know if an EA would perform in the future but at least no illusions about the past.

    Here I copy paste some a contrario ideas:

    I think that when a trader applies discretionary trading he should not change often the instruments he uses. 

    The reason is that the human mind is training to see how the indicator responds to different market conditions and situations. And whenever you change the indicator settings your are erasing all your memory about this tool and its relation to the market. 

    If you are using a 50 and 100 period  MA, do not change. Use them and you will learn the relationship between them and the market. You are a biological being but there are some processes that are very similar with the machines. You will create dynamically biological synaptic links storing the information about the relationship of the 50 and 100 MA. If you change your MAs you will make your training efforts pointless.

    It is even worse if you jump from a technical indicator to a technical indicator. Really what matters are not the technical indicators, they are just preprocessing the prices. What matters is what your mind is going to give as output based on the the input of the indicators.

    So that explains why the big traders writing books are using always the same and the same indicators, with the same settings. They have created a database in their mind, moving to another tools is detrimentary to them.

    That is why (I think) price action discretionary specialists tend to achieve better results that indicator based discretionary traders. You really can't change the settings of the bar charts LOL. A bar chart is a bar chart.

    Well there is another way. That is to optimize manually the settings of the indicators. But this is no longer really discretionary it is a matter of following trading rules and that is a mixed approach.