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TDI Caterpillar with Volatility alerts

TDI Caterpillar with Volatility alerts
By JohnLast 3174 days ago Comments (12)

I tried to do something. However visual alerts with arrows come up only when you have contradictory signals. 

If you have a signal in the same direction only an audio alert with the time pops up.

To tell the truth I was surprised a little bit that this may even work.



  • JohnLast 3174 days ago

    If I remember Noxa CSSA has some strategies. One of the strategies was indeed the break - out from a volatility level. The other two strategies are cross - over of the CSSA cycle above and below the zero line and when the indicator from its exremum high goes downwards and vice versa. 

     They write that their indicators do not repaint, but my impressions were different it repaints from time to time, not as often as the regular SSA but still I saw it ti repaint in real time. One more thing very often the nice signals you see are in sample signals obtained during optimization. I have yet to see that kind of signals out of sample consistently.

    Here it is the same thing when you plot the indicators on the chart you say WOW. However that has nothing to do with the out of sample signals. However it is able to make some very good signals because the arrows do not repaint during my testings. And the volatility break - out during the short time I tested gave some very sweet out of sample signals.

  • sachinarora 3171 days ago

    hello sir,

    when attaching indicator  tdi caterpillar red green alerts my mt4 charts slows and my computer mouse works in interruptions. sir is it hardware problem please help and when i attack this indicator on two different chart timeframes it totally hang my computer for 20 seconds


  • JohnLast 3171 days ago

    Hi, I know this the indicator is very heavy on PC ressources. And unless your PC is powerfull you cannot allow to have a lot of things running simultaniously.

    So if the PC blocks turn off the internet and the pc will become operational.

    The next thing you can do is to use open prices only and not close prices. If you use close prices the indicator will calculate at every thick and if the calculations are not ready and there are new tics comming it will struggle and make your mt4 break down.

    In fact when ricmi required to use the regular caterpillar i warned him that the SSA end-point version is better but he insisted for the Caterpillar because he considers that it has some advantages.

    If he does not mind i will be happy if he shares what are the advantages because I am not sure to unserstand. However I did as required and the result is here. As the arrows do not repaint it is not a problem that the SSA actually repaints. Bear in mind that the arrows are not whаt you see is what you get. This should be very clearly stated. However sometimes that make very sweet signals. 

  • JohnLast 3171 days ago

    I forgot if you cannot do that you can use offline charts and update them manually at every bar. This is the last thing. However the open prices is the best option (I think).

  • sachinarora 3171 days ago

    hello sir

    i cannot find the option in indicator from close price change to open price. please clarify the way.

    thanks In advance

  • JohnLast 3170 days ago

    Hi you can just call me john. Look at the settings:

    Look at RSI Price settings. The default is 0. Change it and put 1.

    Here is what every number means.

    RSI Price settings                                                      
    //|   0 = Close price     [DEFAULT]                                                
    //|   1 = Open price.                                                            
    //|   2 = High price.                                                           
    //|   3 = Low price.                                                           
    //|   4 = Median price, (high+low)/2.                                           
    //|   5 = Typical price, (high+low+close)/3.                                 
    //|   6 = Weighted close price, (high+low+close+close)/4. 


  • JohnLast 3170 days ago

    In fact there is no RSI anymore however I did not change that. I think I should prepare a light version with SSA end-pointed.

    If you look at the blog of Noxa analytics you can see that with SSA you can emulate every indicator. The SSA is a kind of universal indicator. In that line of thought the real question is not about indicators the real question is what settings you are going to use.


  • vasi 3168 days ago

    Hi ! I want to ask you if it's possibile to modify, or to cancel the function that indicate the same direction after the arrow. So, I'd like to see only the alert the the arrow. Is it possibile ? Thank you

  • JohnLast 3166 days ago

    Yes it is possible but If I do it I can mess the things a lot, as I am not a programmer. However I just do not see the point I really want an alert, even I would like to make quite the opposite to have another arrow in the same direction when there is a volatility break - out. For example the synergy signals are exactly like that many arrows in the same direction.


  • vasi 3151 days ago

    Another question. Is it possibile to create a MTF TDI Caterpillar Volatility ?

    4 bars or 4 arrow to indicate for evert tf from M5 -H1

    Thank you

  • JohnLast 3151 days ago

    Definitely it is possible but I am still learning, so I am not able to program it properly.


  • sachinarora 1565 days ago

    hi jaquar sir 

    i cant understand also these ind not work  pls check. may be something missing in library folder ind is quiet old