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Astrologic chart of the website beathespread.com

Astrologic chart of the website beathespread.com
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By jaguar1637 4100 days ago Comments (5)

Isn't funny ?

This website got its personality in Virgo (search of the perfection) Ascendant Leo, means great hopes, greay projects in perspective.) => Very good indeed

This forum attracts people belongs the cast of idealists, imaginative, lucky and enthousiatic guys

This forum is a plutonian one, means strong forces are struggling for emerging reliable strategies and logics

Pluto is in Fith house, means, creative works are here



  • JohnLast 4099 days ago

    Yes it is funny, thanks for the astro analysis.

  • jaguar1637 4098 days ago

    This implies strong possibilities for successfull strategies and reliable algorithms

    Means, if I still continue to loose money, I am definitivly mad, because all good stuff is there


  • jaguar1637 4098 days ago

    This also show possibilities of creating a good and reliable strategy each time , there is a trine or sextile w/ the natal sun

    for example, next time : around 11 of November

    11 January 2013

    11 march 2013

    it's  very easy to predict those events

  • jaguar1637 4098 days ago

    And those events are magnified by presence of Jupiter, means, strong hopes are present here.

    Definitivly, john, there are many ways to become rich and well-known by being the owner of this website

  • JohnLast 4098 days ago

    LOL. I think when the strategy is unprofitable we just stop it. That is why during the last months I was totally uninterested in the markets because it was beyound the capacities of my systems.

    However according to vgc trend scalping strategies are strong again starting from September.

    And yes if you can check