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Kase peak oscillator on charts

Kase peak oscillator on charts
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By jaguar1637 4075 days ago Comments (3)

Kase peak oscillator on charts

the result is not promised as it should be


  • albert 4074 days ago

    Hello Jaguar,

    Very interesting indicators here, thanks !

    Have you post the HP OSCILLATOR FRACTALS ? I can't find it.

    Thanks !

  • JohnLast 4074 days ago

    The Kase peak oscillator is just an oscillator but not a magic oscillator.

    If you do a correlation analysis on this oscillator how it qualifies compared to the others?

  • jaguar1637 4074 days ago

    Yes, albert, I can provide it to you

    by the way, do you have any reliable EA scalper to share with us ?