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Sample Lyapunov exponent input files

Sample Lyapunov exponent input files
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By JohnLast 3183 days ago Comments (1)

Here I add the excel template. Here you can see exactly what I did.

1. First I export the data from the MT4 history. 

2. I open the CSV file with Excel or Open office Calc

3. I create a new column where I use the  =ln (F3/F2), the F column is the close price. That makes the detrending. Then I poit the cursor to the lower right corner of the cell until the cursor becomes a cross. Then I can scroll down so all the cells in the column are calculated.

4. I copy and paste the coloumn in the dat file. If it is not a dat file it will not work.

Voila I rune the program the file has to be in the same folder.