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BPNN Predictor with Smoothing

BPNN Predictor with Smoothing
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By JohnLast 3173 days ago Comments (3)

This is the original BPNN Predictor with Smoothing


  • sachinarora 3173 days ago

    hello john sir

    In My Broco Trader Demo I Put All Bpnn Indicator,Include,Library

    Only jjma and cycleperiod works on chart and all Bpnn indicators not working when i attach bpnn indicators nothing displayed. Please help whats wrong



  • JohnLast 3173 days ago

    When you attach the bpnn did you click on allow dll fot the bpnn?


    The other way is to click tools/ options/ expert advisors and then allow dll imports.

    If that is not activated you need to allow the dll  every time.


    Under thes test now the jjma cycle period adaptation made the most accurate prediction.



  • JohnLast 3173 days ago

    Please this is not a trading system it is a prediction tool.