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BPNN with SSA end - pointed

BPNN with SSA end - pointed
By JohnLast 3167 days ago Comments (4)

This is the BPNN with SSA end - pointed. However maybe the use of the real SSA may be better (as ricmi prefers) even ifit repaints that would be not a problem because we want a prediction for the future and we do not care that the present may collapse and change LOL. 


The BPNN mod with the Caterpillar SSA is here.


  • vasi 3166 days ago

    Hi ! I can't see the indicator, I've made all the instalation correct, also the import DLL is active, I can't see it. I don't understand why.

  • vasi 3166 days ago

    I think that would be nice to see also a screenshot with the indicator, when it's published.

  • admin 3166 days ago

    Yes the file ssa end-pointed is missing. I am going to upload this, meanwhile you can find it in the tsd.

  • JohnLast 3166 days ago

    The file has been updated.