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result of short fractal for flat market in EURUSD 15MN

result of short fractal for flat market in EURUSD 15MN
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By jaguar1637 2651 days ago Comments (9)

result of short fractal for flat market in EURUSD 15MN


  • zkogan 2651 days ago

    Woah, that looks fabulous! Very sensitive one, but precise also.. Thanks!

  • jaguar1637 2651 days ago


    Yes, this indicator seeemed good for flat markets.

    The flat market is when fractal_bands or bollinger  are closed. Also, you have to check out if volatility is there. The settings can be applied like this way

    Fractale PfePeriod (period of fractale ) = 3

    Avarage = false (this is mandatory)

    MaPeriod (not used)

    Filtper = 7


    So, the level is -90 and +90 (can be tuned to -0.85 and +0.85) 

    if crossing those lines, opening and closing trades can be performed

  • jaguar1637 2651 days ago

    After checking out this, it seemed the BuyLEvel and the SellLevel should be tuned

    otherwise there will be more trades from one side due to false signals

  • Raj Svrinisan 2576 days ago

    Markets are not symmetric in their behaviour and moves, so having diff settings for Buy/Sell levels is perfectly OK IMHO....thoughts?

  • jaguar1637 2576 days ago


    it's mandatory to get # settings fir Buy/Sell levels

  • JohnLast 2576 days ago

    Nevertheless how you would prove that different settings for buy and sell are actually outperforming the symetric signals?

    That is an interesting question. For me I can't prove that. For me it is neither true or false. And the side effects are that you are adding more degrees of freedom into the system. In fact you double the degrees of freedom.

    What I am trying to popularize here, but I am failing that what really matters is the robustness of a given system. The less degrees of freedom you have the more reliable the tests are. 

  • JohnLast 2576 days ago

    However feel free to disagree.

  • jaguar1637 2576 days ago

    well, real Trends are confirmed by volumes

    so, this input is lacking in this system

  • jaguar1637 2576 days ago

    If I would to be more precise, This is the Ask & Bid Volumes. Those values needs to be included in this system. 

    I am convinced real time data feed is the best, in another way, may be Volumes from Ask and Bids for each bar, can help to put #settings. This system needs also to be optimized very often