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  • francisfinley 2473 days ago

    interesting - is that an available indicator? this is what i googled http://www.forex-tsd.com/indicators-expert-systems-tools/14880-rsi-indicator-19.html 

  • jaguar1637 2473 days ago

    Well, Ok, I check out this ea you are talking about . yep, it's in the same spirit

    Neat entry:  RSI + Full Stochastic V1.3.2.mq4

    it works in D1. Yep, I just check out the RSI period (it's set to 3 !)

    dRSI3[0] = iRSI(Symbol(), PERIOD_D1, 3, PRICE_CLOSE, 1);
    dRSI3[1] = iRSI(Symbol(), PERIOD_D1, 3, PRICE_CLOSE, 2);
    dRSI3[2] = iRSI(Symbol(), PERIOD_D1, 3, PRICE_CLOSE, 3);


    But the stochastics used are a little bit different (also, the guy is using the MODE_SIGNAL :

    dFSta = iStochastic(Symbol(), PERIOD_D1, 6, 3, 3, MODE_SMA, 0, MODE_MAIN, 2);
    dFStb = iStochastic(Symbol(), PERIOD_D1, 6, 3, 3, MODE_SMA, 0, MODE_SIGNAL, 2);
    dFStc = iStochastic(Symbol(), PERIOD_D1, 6, 3, 3, MODE_SMA, 0, MODE_MAIN, 1);
    dFStd = iStochastic(Symbol(), PERIOD_D1, 6, 3, 3, MODE_SMA, 0, MODE_SIGNAL, 1);

    And to fetch the long trend, the EA uses the MA w/ a MaPeriod of 150

     dSMA150  = iMA(Symbol(),  PERIOD_D1, 150, 0, MODE_SMA, PRICE_CLOSE, 1);

  • francisfinley 2473 days ago

    its ok. the stoch/rsi type thing all suffer from the same thing tho its a bit hectic and its a case of increasing period or having MTF readings.


  • jaguar1637 2473 days ago

    Yep Francis , I just put hte file : http://beathespread.com/file/view/22860/neatentry-rsifullstochasticv132-ea-in-d1

    But, I think you missed the new Volume Weighted RSI, which gives better values, becoz "Volumes/nbr of Ticks per bar" is taken into account


  • Prizm 2472 days ago

    Hi Jaguar,

    Thanks very much for these interesting indicators. Unfortunately I do share the feeling of francisfinley. Stoch/Rsi's are a bit hetic, depending wether the market is oscillating or trending. However I do think that the multilayer work is an positiv approach. Integreting only Sto's , Rsi's and ticks (3 layers) isn't an enough reliable  signal.  Integrating much more multi layer indics in a fuzzy logic approach will for sure give more accurate signals. I did that process in the past to start but that was'nt enough. A complete "scan indicator approach" with benchmark efficiency has been necessary for me. Integration of much more tools with a kind of fuzzi logic has been necessary to built an efficient equilibrium zone from where all mou'vs depart. Building the code to see that equilibrium point has been the final goal to start trading for me , also adding multi layers security in tools (EA's, Scripts).