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BB Squeeze with Sinc Wavelet

BB Squeeze with Sinc Wavelet
By JohnLast 3037 days ago Comments (2)
От 23 септември 2011


This is a variation of the squeeze indicator. There are two indications. The dots are based on the ATR and Standard deviation basically they measure the volatility.

If there are blue dots the volatility is low and so you are not advicsed to trade. 

If there are green horizontal dots the volatility is sufficiant for trading.

Then take a trade in the direction of the guiding slope of the indicator. 


trun     =0;   //Number of the last wavelets to truncate.

I use as default settings 0. If you go higher you will face more repainting nothing dramatic but this exist.

Here is a video explaining how to trade the original TTM squeeze. The logic of this mod is the same but we use sinc wavelets for market direction analysis. 


  • KAUSTUBH 3037 days ago

    I guess time is not far when you will close this forum and work with likes of Goldman, JP morgan. Thanks.

  • JohnLast 3037 days ago

    Thanks, I have the qualification to work for them but not as a trader (I am a lawyer) LOL. And you cannot believe how incompetent I am. I just mix things readily available. Nothing more. If we can beat the spread we do not need Goldman, JP morgan and alia.