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Export history for data link between Metatrader 4 and Trading Solutions neural net software

This is an indicator that exports the history from Metatrader 4 in a CSV file that can be read by Trading Solutions software.


That means you need to install it in the experts folder. The indicator will write a CSV file in the folder experts/files.


1. Just attach the indicator at the graphic and you will se that appears a text that the export is complete.

2. Then from Trading solutions you need to upload history from a file.

It is called: Import data from your computer

Then just go to the Metatrader folder and find the file in experts/file. You will see the file with a name of the pair and the time period.

3. Open the file. There is one trick.

When you go to import data from your computer, you need to click to the option Viex text file import options for each file being imported. And then you select  new files.

Why this is important. It is important because you have to manually put that the time is not a ticker but time otherwise you will get 24 times the same data.


От 23 септември 2011


От 23 септември 2011


Just you need to make sure that it looks like that:

All the rest is contained in the Tutorials.

In order to update the files you need to make sure that the CSV file is updated, maybe you would need to reload the the indicator (when you open the MT4 it is authomatically reloaded).

Then you need to go to update options from the import data wizard. You need to tab Update data in the target group. Just click next, and you should be done.

Why this is important. In fact it is important because you can upload data from Meta Trader 4. Here I used the SSA end- pointed, the information is called field 8.

It will not work unless you have installed the SSA end - pointed in the MT4.

You can choose in the export history as parameters what parameters you would like to write on the CSV file. However there is one thing you need to make more data bars on the SSA ep because the default is only 300 bars and they may not match the rest of the history.

As you can guess you can replace the icustom in the export history with something else and to have your favorite meta trader indicators under Trading solutions, like jurik indicators for example.