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Brain trend Club files

Brain trend Club files
By JohnLast 4020 days ago Comments (1)

This is a special light double smoothed version of Brain Trend.

Here you can find also a brain trend expert. This expert is based on stop and reverse logic, many times it may end as a loosing trade because when you compare the start and the end you will see a loss even if the trade was positive meanwhile. The successs rate is about 38 %. However the other trades make it a robust trend following system (even if I prefer to call it an impulse following system).

Those versions are a little bit different. That is because I use the original Brain trend mod with no modification at all, for the other mods some modification of the code were made, that leaded to same problems anyway I were not given an access to the final results the intermediary results showed some problems.

In this ultimate double smoothed version it is light, with no modifiactions of the code of the brain trend. And most important it is what you see is what you get. The performace of what you see is the perforamce you would get in real time stream.

I have analysed and I am still working on that system. In fact the expert allows me to analyse the different possibilities. By now I have  analysed only the lenght of the filter as a parameter. However there are some other parameters that can be touched also.


От 22 септември 2011