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Trend Systems

Trend Systems
By JohnLast 3152 days ago Comments (11)
От 21 октомври 2011

This is the Trend Systems Collection. 

There are two systems and a library of Kositsin.

I recommend you to install this on a separate MT4 demo account. 

The first system is the Brain Trend with double smoothed jjma of Kositsin. I did not solve the dependencies that is why I include the whole library. 

There are two systems of Brain Trend.

The first one is using the double smoothed jurik made by Kositsin, it rh called J2JMA.

The other is using a fractal adaptation of the J2JMA. 

You need to install the library.




  • sachinarora 3152 days ago

    please check i cant download the files

  • JohnLast 3152 days ago

    OK I split the files in two. The Kositsin library is to download from mediafire and I added a link.

    The indicator files are to download directly from here.

  • JohnLast 3150 days ago
    От 21 октомври 2011

    I updated the post with a picture of how it looks the J2JMA mod of Brain Trend. As mentionned we use the Kositsin Library.

    I have released this mod to a smal group of friends near 6 months ago in order to make an extensive testing before making public. 

    The tests results are that it works pretty well when we have a low fractal dimension, in that states some were able to make 120 pips a day occoasionaly. The bad thing is that it is loosing when we have a high fractal dimension (the price is jagged). However there is nothing I can do about it. That is because by its desing it cannot profit in those market conditions. 

    As I have explained here this indicator is not magic it is a cousin of the Wilder volatility system.

    By its desing it is not able to work under those conditions. 

    What you can do?

    One idea is to trade only those Forex pairs, or Indexes, that now are offering good market conditions.

    The second thing is that you can be selective on the time frame. For example at one time frame the market conditions are impersistent but on another time frame they are clearly persistent.

    As you can see on this example here we have a fraction of the chart on 5 m time frame. On the 1 h time frame it is antipersistent, that means we cannot extract a relevant information from this system (as explained it is a directionnal signal and when antipersistent market conditions that means that the mathematical probability is bigger than the next movement is in the opposite direction).

    However at 5 m time frame we can have pockets of predictability I draw in pink. During those times we need to optimize the settings based on the previous pockets of predictability. And they you can scalp for some pips. 

    When you are in a pocket of predictability do not guess. Follow the signal. 





  • jaguar1637 3150 days ago

    quite very good

    i dunno the win ratio for this style

  • JohnLast 3146 days ago

    The win ratio for stop and reverse is about 35 %.


  • isuborsky 2955 days ago

    Hi. Dear JohnLast can you create Braintrend j2jma EA with 0.01 lots and open position only  when have signal from BrainTrend1Sig_J2MABased_2.mq4 dot with your template settings.  I do not have time to enter the market in the manual after this signal. Thanks for attention.

  • JohnLast 2955 days ago

    Hi I see what you have in mind. However we do not know how the j2jma will cope with the EA shell. So keep that in mind, just in case. I will do it.


  • isuborsky 2954 days ago

    Thanks in advance. Please create something good version for m5 TF with 0.01 lots.

  • jaguar1637 2954 days ago


    I think it yet exists

  • JohnLast 2954 days ago

    Here it is the j2jma expert for download. The fixed lots are for 0.01 lot. It is a parameter you can touch only if you know what you are doing. A fool proof concept design after all ;).


  • JohnLast 2954 days ago

    Those are the test results on the daily frame but of course very similar results can be achieved with the prima version.

    After all this has been created not for scalping but as a sound trend following system.


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