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Timing for Entry: Synergy System Arrows SSA end-pointed

Timing for Entry: Synergy System Arrows SSA end-pointed
By JohnLast 3111 days ago Comments (3)

Here I have another SSA ep mod. It is using the Synergy system entries. The logic is to have a momentum from the Trader's Dynamic Index and identification of an impulse movement with Heiken Ashi DM.

Here I give a visual example how this can be used in combination with the Brain Trend system. The simplest approach is to have an indication by independent algorythm for timing your entry. One of the biggest problems of Brain Trend is the timing of the entry and the timing of the exit. Here  this is a possible solution.

Basically this is to give an aswer to the following question. Ok I have a signal should I entry in the direction of the signal or not at the present bar?

От 22 септември 2011


  • R Grahana 3036 days ago

    Damn.. So cool...

  • JohnLast 3036 days ago

    Yes it is cool but only when we have a low fractal dimension. It works pretty well, by the way all the other systems perform. Really that is the most important thing I have to share, the understanding of the pocket of predictability.



  • JohnLast 3036 days ago

    There is a button to download, I am amazed how many guys do not find the button, LOL.