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TDI SSA ep normalized with alerts

TDI SSA ep normalized with alerts
By JohnLast 4376 days ago

TDI SSA end - pointed with normal signal with alerts.

Installation: The dll file is added for convinience it is the same for all SSA end - pointed files.

Comments: This mod uses the SSA end - pointed normalized as an input for the Trader's dynamic index indicator. 

Trading suggestion: This mod gives slightly delayed signals compared with the sharp signals version. The best trading suggestion is in a trending environment in order to pick up the right moment of entry and exit. You can manually optmize the parameters based on the local market conditions. If the market is making good oscillating patterns the SSA will catch them. However beware of antipersistent market conditions, then the arrows will go up and down. And vice -versa when you see arrows going up and down, just a few bars between each other take care.



От 22 септември 2011