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By KAUSTUBH 3051 days ago

This is an EA using T3 CCI ( fxsniper's) 50 period. I have made it using a EA generator, not hand coded, so excuse some keywords/coding mistakes......not well conversant with mql4.

It opens 3 orders on 0 line crossing with 3 different targets.

[url=http://postimage.org/]image hosting jpg[/url]

I have tried it on 5 pips range bars and it works fine.

CCI 50 crossing 0 line is definite trend changing signal and range  bars with T3 make CCI very smooth .

ALSO download fxsniper's T3 CCI.

 I am currently using 50 CCI along with MACD BB CCT for a manual trading contest with dukascopy.

Check the contest page here.