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How to use the Belkhayate indicators?

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To analyze a graph El Mostafa Belkhayate uses 2 indicators which are both based on the concept of center of gravity of a stock movement.


1. The first indicator, Belkhayate Barycenter, calculates the center of gravity of a dynamic market. He is represented by parallel stripes which seem to serve as support and resistance.


2. The indicator Belkhayate Timing, calculates the static center of gravity. It is represented by the graph below the price chart and provides areas for optimal probability buy or sell.
Reading both of these indicators can have immediate visibility on the evolution likelihood of a market without the need for comments. At a glance, the reader will know whether buy, sell or wait and do nothing.


The indicator Belkhayate Barycenter 
This indicator uses a mathematical formula developed (polynomial nonparametric regression) to calculate first the center of gravity of a moving stock (blue line), then 3 standard deviations to upwards (red stripes) and 3 down (green stripes). The amplitudes of these deviations are always proportions of the golden number 1.618. And we will realize, after having studied this indicator on a hundred different markets that magic number is actually printed in the brains of human beings, whatever race or origin.


От 23 септември 2011


1. The first observation is that all financial markets oscillate around their center gravity. They exaggerate the up or down from a consensus of prices or less unconscious.


2. The amplitude of these exaggerations is not random, quite the contrary: as seen on graph above (the market for U.S. Treasury bills), the amplitude is very often equal to the exact
proportions of the golden to the center of gravity dynamics. As if the hype man is highly dependent on the number of gold.


3. The blue curve, representing the dynamic center of gravity gives us so immediate and visual direction of the current market trend is bearish. Since the blue curve was bent down.


4. The extreme lines red and green indicate the amplitude of breathing market. Otherwise said its volatility. It is also an immediate and easy reading for visual. Like all markets vary in elasticity with respect to their center of gravity, these lines are extreme vitally important for making decisions to buy or sell.


5. The basic indicator Belkhayate Barycenter is simple: when the price between in the area contained by the two red lines, we are in an area conducive to the sale (because the probability that the market comes back, like a rubber band around its center of gravity is approximately 90%) and vice versa when the price falls within the lower area contained by the lines green.


6. The corollary of this principle is not recommended to buy when the price is above the center of gravity, or sell when below.
The indicator Belkhayate Barycenter is dynamic and is calculated (and therefore change) each period 4 hours (240 minutes). It is the "time frame" of the graph, or periodicity. It then adapts gradually to evolve the market while tracing a valuable historical past of the 250 periods.
To optimize the technical analysis, we included an indicator based on the revolutionary barycenter static indicator Belkhayate Timing. The simultaneous reading of these two indicators provides immediate visibility of likely developments and short-term, any market Fellow.


The indicator Belkhayate Timing
This indicator is an oscillator that provides 3 types of very important areas:


От 23 септември 2011


The area "dark gray" in the middle which represents the area centroid. When the price is in this area, it is recommended to do nothing because the probability of being right (or wrong) is about 50%. It is a neutral zone where he must show patience and prepare next position.


• Areas "light gray" areas represent the extreme where it is recommended that profits. Liquidate its position in the "gray" contained by the red lines and redeem its position in the "gray" contained by the green lines. And this, of course, in agreement with the basic indicator Belkhayate Barycenter.


• The white areas beyond the extreme regions, called zones of alert, which issue buy signals and sell high probability of success.


Rule base system Belkhayate:
When the indicator Belkhayate Timing, zone alarm is reached, we check if it matches an area of extreme indicator Belkhayate Barycenter. If so, then the probability that signal is valid is greater than 80%.
This analysis system is easy to use and is of considerable power. With experience, the eye inured and detects a split second what to do, even when the market seems complicated. For a simple reason: we offer mathematics benchmarks is more or less unaware of the majority of traders. Benchmarks that allow us to know in advance the area prices where they are given ppointments without even knowing it.


The indicators are available for logged users


  • JohnLast 4411 days ago

    I was thinking some times ago to use The MESA spectral analysis in order to set the right period of the calculations of the number of bars for the polynomial channel and to use low degree of polynomials like 2,3. 

    The next idea was to track by this the longer term market cycle and some kind of short term market cycle calculated by the MESA algorythm.

    To tell you, I never used that, that was an idea. I did not test it properly. 

    Anyway I plot a shot how it would look like. On this shot there is another version of the polynomial with arrows, the arrows are giving the direction in which the polinomial is curbing and they do not repaint. You would not find it in the big forex forums, that was a little project.


    От Technical Analysis
  • JohnLast 4409 days ago

    This is a pdf with the English translation about the Belkhayate indicators and how they can be used. 

    I would say that it would be better to use not the polynomials but the SSA channels, end-pointed or not. 

    I think that they would be better than the polynomial channel. The only thing that can be modified in the SSA channel would be to modify it according to the preferred Belkhayate formula that is using some kind of golden ratios of the standard deviation.

    The standart deviation is multiplied by 1.61803399

  • JohnLast 4363 days ago

    As as I know only here you can download the working belkhayate indicators. It is another issue if the belkhayate indicators are worth today as the system is a little bit old.

    However find a goof trending market and use them there. I think that the belkhayate indicators are good for clearly trending markets and following a discretionary approach.