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ASCTrendBuySellExpert with Neural net basic version

This version of the ASCtrend expert is using a radial basis activation function. Here I am using the  simplest architecture with just one neurone. Here we are not predicting anything we looking for the most adequate adaptation to the current market conditions.

The training is really fast and we can use a little step size of 0.01.

This system is really interesting for the daily time frames and the 4 h time frames. 

For the low time fraes the success with that system is exceptionnal because as it is a trend following system the noise is killing it. 






  • ricmi 3006 days ago

    Sorry guys, In my experience, the production of any type of EA is just a waste of time.Instead, it would be good if someone tries to create a simple Bollinger Bands with Caterpillar engine (no SSA ep).

  • JohnLast 3006 days ago

    As most of the transactions are done thanks to algorythms, that is the reality m8. 

    If our metatrader 4 algorythms are something serious, that is another question. However MT5 looks to be a very serious object oriented language, very close to C++.

    You really need to look under the hood to know what it is doing.

    I think you can find Bollinger bands with Caterpillar engine on the tread optimized trend trading on forex factory, I do not know where it is exactly but myspace did that a year ago or more.

  • jaguar1637 3005 days ago

    Yes, building a BB neural net for calculating the divergence (hidden and real) and use another signal for confirmation could be very welcome !

    MT4 is in 32 bits, MT5 is in 64. Of course, it's better

  • JohnLast 2981 days ago

    How to install asctrendbuysellexpert? It is pretty easy, just copy the expert into the expert folder, and that is all.

  • isuborsky 2948 days ago

    And if add option only to buy or sell  to trade on technical analysis. Confused in choosing the strategy. would recommend for use on small timing

  • isuborsky 2926 days ago

    Hello JohnLast. Maybe you have free time for improve this expert for only long or only short positions, If this EA have potential

  • JohnLast 2926 days ago

    Hi I do not see why, you can use the parameters in mt4 to allow only longs, only shorts or both. So you can optimize for only long, only shorts or both.