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Hedge with AVA MT4

Hedge with AVA MT4

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Hi All

Very good news. Now, AVA FX allows you to trade plenty of shares and currencies !!! YEP

There is a way to win money by hedging on several instruments. I will put in attachment diagrams to explain my new way of making money and I will perform the tasks, (I hope to put the trades I will made on this forum). AVA Fx provides too a VISA Card. Sounds great.


The aim is to find  volatile shares, dynamics .. and perform a hedge (means making profits by limiting risks)

Choose one European with one American


You will only trade from 3 PM GMT to 8 PM GMT (paris-bruxelles time) while NY market is opened and European market is in its last trading part.


Buy a performant one agains the weak one

at one moment, the lines will be crossed

Example AMAT vs AKAM
Sell the gree and buy the blue line

When they will be inversed, take profit and choose another couple

Change of pair
SLW (Sliver Wheaton ) vs QUALCOMM (QCCM)

=>AXP long vx Fodafone Short
Do it only when Fodafone is higher than AXP

=>SLW vs FTE (France telecom)


How to proceed

goto Yahoo Finances or better ProRealTIme (and display a chart for 3 months)

Check w/ TF =D1 to check if they were many crossing. If yes, choose TF 15 MN

How to manage an account

I am currently opening an account on AVAFX on this purpose

example : 1000 euros
200 euros for the green line FTE
200 euros for the blue line NOK
=> marge 400  and reserve of marging = 600

Sometimes, if you perform 7% on a leg ( 2000 euros ) => this gives 140 euros
means 14% in a 4 days

Example :

NVIDIA / GoldMan Sachs (2 very volatile shares)

do not wait too long to fetch a gap
the key point, is to check on TF= D1 (3months) and see which one is the most powerful

if NVIDIA < lesser than GoldManSachs => Buy GS and sell NVIDIA

to buy GZ, the green line GS must be under the blue line NVIDIA

very correlated  (easy to take 3%) in 3-4 days

The goal :

Make a quick profit by closing both legs. Sometimes, it's better to close one legs and put a trailing stop on the share (that MT4 should allow you to execute) . 

The main work is to fetch the best pair at one moment and execute the trades (always, keep a marging reserve in case of market  volatility

Brief description: HEDGING STRATEGY with Ava MetaTrader

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