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CCI Break out

CCI Break out

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This method applies to the S & Jones, P, Dow and Russell.
We try to choose the ups and downs with a simple indicator and then use price action to grab a quick correction against the prevailing trend,

Often, it proves to be a real top or bottom and the market takes off in a new trend. This is not a
Trend following method but this is a good method that works.

The indicator we use is the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) set at 45 periods with Low HI / 2.

We seek to Sell when the indicator is above 200 and buy when it falls below -200.

We use a one minute real time map and when we have a sell signal or purchase the ICC, we return an entry order just above or below the market, so we quickly get a market that is reversed when this happens.
(Note market goes in one direction for a long time, and we bet it is precisely this change of course).

Our profit target is just a short distance and an order is placed at our first order is executed. Sometimes, if the market starts to move against us a stop-loss order should be placed, but often this is not necessary. Usually our profit target are affected and we have one of the two winning trades for the day

Brief description: CCI Break out