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Access to LMAX in csharp

Access to LMAX in csharp

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Well, if you remember well, I told you the main points to create a profitable robot

- the modelisation of the current market is improved by fetching the Volumes. The great improvement is to use Volumes Bid and Volumes Ask. This modelisation can be simply made by an equilibrium proce formula. I created one (I think you miss it)

- find a system w/ low latency , able to provide real Volumes Bid and Volumes Asks (those Volumes should not come from a broker but a liquidity provider)

- code it, backtest it

IMPORTANT, please, participate to this group. it's a golden mine.

how to procedd ? Download the ProTrader 3 here : http://www.protrader.com/en/downloads

launch the Algostudio and install the EquilibriumPrice.cs

launch the backtest w/ low latency = 100ms ,  fee = 3.5$ per trade


Brief description: Access to LMAX in csharp

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