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Well, I got this idea from a long time. => Trading on very short time (of course, an ECN NDD 5digits is required) , is quite the most difficult thing to perform w/ MT4 (this is not an HFT system, w/ code written in C++) and the spread is against us. I investigate on a list of Tick indicators, the first job consists to select the bunch of Tick indicators, that will shows trend, confirmation and exit signals.

 Why this group ? bcoz at the same time, fetching the essentials in targetting opening/closing trades on a small period of time, is the key for mastering this subject.

Being successfull here, will automatically bring success for mid-term and long-term TF. Fighting w/ ticks is in my humble opinion, the key to understand how the market reacts. It's not a question of winning huge number of pips, but detecting valid and usefull indications from ticks values.

The MT4 workstation works quite every 200 to 250 ms, and goes back to the start loop,once proceed. For one minute, that gives 300 datas,for 5minutes, 1500 values. At this stage, an indicator to select datas for a correct time-series (time, price and volume) will be welcomed.

There are plenty of ways of findind and creating a strategy, but for sure, finding a good one, in this TickWare case (If I understand correctly the stuff ) will make the way easier for its application on higher TimeFrames.

But those days, I changed my mind and moved to this wonderfull new plateform which is : Pro Trader 3

there is a need for this kind of strategy to get a very low latency. 50ms is too big

I think , it's mandatory to be under 20ms

Brief description: EA_TickWare