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  • Rapid Miner MT4 integration

    Last updated 2774 days ago by JohnLast
    I think that the integration between those two softwares can be very interesting. We have in the same time free market data together with state of the art machine learning software. This cost several thousand dollars if you have to pay. It may be a...
  • Basic technique

    Last updated 2747 days ago by JohnLast Comments (5)
    This procedure is good only for recreationa purpouses and fun. This is not the procedure used by the professional remote viewers. Anyway even if it is wrong some people were able to do amazing things with that. Most of my friends in effect, even...
  • Elliottware In a nutshell

    Last updated 2764 days ago by JohnLast Comments (1)
    The idea of Elliottware is to use the human pattern recognition in order to precise where to place the optimization windows and until when the trading window would be OK. The idea is about similarity. The Elliott Wave theory is very precise about...