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The Stanford Discovery about remote viewing: Revision

The Stanford institute were trying to understand what makes the psychics succesful in their predictions and what makes them damn wrong. They tried everything for spi purpouses even out of body experiences. 

As I am from the french school of though and we disnguish in everything two twings all the time I can say that there are two ideas.

The firt way is ESP (extra sensory perception) is a a particular state of mind ans special mind conditions are necessary in order to be a psychic. And you will find none of this in those documents, even if Ingo Schwan uses an alternate mind states.

However in those condition you really cannot understand what is real and what is imagination. On the other hand you are very vulnerable for psychic attacks. Some magick practitionors know that very well.

The other theory is that no particular state of mind is necessary. We are constantly in the flow of information. They call that the matrix, long before the film. What is needed is a process to get the information before the creative imagination take over. They call all picture that is coming in the imagination an Analytical overlay and is most of the time rubish. So you will not find any special meditation techniques. Why? Because there arent any special mind techniques. The only thing you can do is to take bit per bit information from the matrix and record it on paper. And you make more and more iterations. And you process the information before the imagination takes over. There is the secret and that is a BIG discovery and most of the people interested in the new wave are completely unaware if it and they are a simple pray of their imagination and not so friendly non material influences. As traders are particularly vulnerable it is not a good idea to experiment with those kind of stuff, especially if you are not under supervision and control. Anyway it is dangerous.  

The truth is ()just an opinion LOL) that we are in a big ocean of information. There is a a barrier between it and us. Any force attack of the barrier is protected (the creative imagination under alternate state if mind). That is why other methods have been developped taking information bit per bit, per bit, hacking it, this is what remote viewing is about.

Have you  ever solved a problem in less than 4 seconds? If you did that is probably because you had an access to that source of information.