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Afraid To Trade? Build Your trading Confidence

Afraid To Trade? Build Your trading Confidence

Last updated 3103 days ago by sachinarora

Confidence Is A HUGE Factor In Trading. On The One Side,the lack of it can create all kinds of anxiety and fear,over -thinking things.and not being able to pull the trigger (analysis paralysis).On the other side.too much confidence can lead to being cavalier with risk and taking poor trades. In this particular article, i am going to focus building confidence.

1)Start Slowly

2)Build a Strong Foundation


4)Start Small

5)Practice Some More

6)Ease Your Way Into The Market

Now I request Seniours To Help  Me In Start Trading Confidence .

After A Day Start I start My Computer And Watching all day Prices, Indicators Recerches ,Every day I Create A new System And Thought Is This Perfect And so on.

allthoug I have Very good indicators Platforms Techniques But When I Start Trading Its All Over. I only constrate when trading only on price ,fear of losses not on system.

I request all my seniour please please guide me.

Thanks And Regards