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Basic technique

This procedure is good only for recreationa purpouses and fun.

This is not the procedure used by the professional remote viewers. Anyway even if it is wrong some people were able to do amazing things with that. Most of my friends in effect, even me.

The difference is that the professional remote viewing is a higly structured process of iterating the same steps again and again. Actually you can have the real templates. However because of the multiple universe theory the actual trading applications are also very remote.  

Step 1. Make Your Mind an Empty Rice Bowl (this is new wave methaphore, nothing of the kind is in the remote viewing protocols you just sit and write). 

Alternarive/ Imagine you are in a dark abyss. 

Relax. Empty yor mind. You need to empty your mind of as much of the thoughts, images, and awarenesses that are normally part of your consciousness as you possibly can. Make a black window

Alternative/ Start falling in the abysse 

Step 2 Learn to keep your imagination quiet (all clear images that appear are mostly rubbish, they are called analytical overlays)

Your imagination will try to put images into that black window.

When you  receive remote viewing signals, then avoid to try to identify something or letting your imagination fill in the blanks to make something identifiable out of the impressions you have. If you can identify it, then your imagination has created it. When the imagination puts an image into your window, quiet your mind and empty your rice bowl. Make your window black.

That appears to be something very interesting.

Practice that for five minutes now. Relax, close your eyes, and empty your mind. As imagined images come into your mind, quiet your mind and empty the window so it is black.

Step 3: Remote View the Targets (this is not the original remote wviewing procedure, in the original the eyes are all the time opened)

Alternative/ Start drawing the lines that will appear from left to right and from right lo left. Make many cycles, you are just like a printer, you follow the lines they will make not any sense to you

After you get impressions, open your eyes and sketch the images or write the impressions. Write only the details; don't try to decide what the target is. 

Put a line below the impressions when you're done to separate them from the next set of impressions. Then close your eyes again, relax, make your mind an empty rice bowl, and say the letters of the target identifier in your mind. Wait for more impressions; then open your eyes and record them. You might do that eight or ten times for a single target.


The whole article is here



However I have some typical comments to make. There is a big problem in a real market situation. That is because there are two very big feelings. Fear and Greed. And the emotions are really there to blur youe intuition. So I really do not think that is going to work when there is a big emotional overload. However this is the most simple description  of the remote viewing protocol I have found.

There are someprotocols for remote viewing in trading but there is a BIG barrier and that is the multiple universe theory that makes the use of this theory unproductive. At least as productive as the general probability.

The protocol used by the military is much more complicated, there are several proprietary protocols for remote viewing.  


  • CamaRon 3684 days ago

    Maybe just practicing daily meditation, like the transcendental variety and/or lucid dreaming, will do the trick

  • JohnLast 3684 days ago

    Recently there has been a major development on lucid dreaming by the Russians. The author is named Andrey Reutov and he had two books Dream searchers part 1 and part 2. In fact the original title can be translated as Dream hackers (that is the original word in Russian). It is a roman very entrtaining and fun to read. It is about a group of russians who take the Don Juan teaching and make their own research on lucid dreaming.

    By the way no one actually knows what is going on with our mind during dreams. There are several theories. 

    The basic idea in The Project Stargate is that there are very strict protocols that should be followed. The project Stargate emphasize on noise reduction of the information. 

    I have some things on patterns that I want to share in a separate group.

  • CamaRon 3684 days ago

    Cool! Too bad it's in Russian.

  • JohnLast 3684 days ago

    No there is an english version too but I cannot find it free.