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In a nutshell part 2: The trend map

In a nutshell part 2: The trend map

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It is not possible to see the orders with an indicator. That is because it is not in the price yet.

The orders are in the order book of the market maker they are not a part of the price yet but they become a part of the market (a subtile difference)

One of the simplest theory is to look the buy orders only and the sell orders only.

-When you look only at the buy orders: they are two kind of orders below the price and above the price.

The orders above the price are logically buy stop orders.

The orders below the price are logically limit buy orders.

The inverse is true for the other sell graph

The orders below the price are sell stop orders

The orders above the price are limit sell orders.


So  let' imagine an up trend.

The buy stop levels show us where the market expect a trend rally (look at the buy orders graph)

The sell limit levels show us where short term traders expect to take profit (look at the sell orders graph)

In the same time we can see where the stop losses are for the buy orders (look at the sell orders bellow the price in the sell orders graph). Normally in the same place level there are buy orders too, buy orders in the buy graph below the price.

 And this is vice versa for the down trend.

The technicals
1. make people make expectations: This is a projection of reality
2. They accumulate orders at specific levels: the stop loss is an order too: this is market reality
The fundamentals
1. The fundamentals make people make expectations. This is a projection of reality.
2. They accumulate orders. This is the reality.