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  • This is for those iVAR or fractal dimension guys here

This is for those iVAR or fractal dimension guys here

hI, Guys,

I have been examiming at the iVAR indicator for some time now and I seriously have some doubts regarding its eficacy in accurately detecting the trend of the market .

Attched below is a screenshot which I just pulled out from my MT4 clearly showing a flat market. But looking that the iVAR beneath, one can clealy see that it failed to detect it.

Any comments and suggestions is welcome for better or similar indicator to detect such a market would be appreciated. iVAR


Thank you.


  • jaguar1637 3403 days ago


    here for Beathespread, we have made huge tests and backtesting on iVAR.

    Today, there are one trader from Italy who trades w/ this indicator and another one, named ZUP

    OK, we have found this

    iVAR should be used in PERIOD_1M  (TF one minute) and its value between a threshold. 

    ok at the begin of the EA, put those lines     

    extern int TimeFrameiVAR = PERIOD_M1;  

    extern bool UseiVAR = true;
    extern int periods = 5;
    extern double a1 = 0.01;
    extern double a2 = 0.01;
    extern double a3 = 0.55;
    extern double a4 = 0.54;


    we have observed the a4 should be sometimes, depending on brokers, equal to 0.54 or 0.53.

    After, add this boolean function

    bool iVAR()
       bool Result=false;
       double iVAR_1=iCustom(symbol,TimeFrameiVAR,"iVAR_nmc",periods,0,1);
       double iVAR_2=iCustom(symbol,TimeFrameiVAR,"iVAR_nmc",periods,0,2);
       if(iVAR_2>a1 && iVAR_1>a2 && iVAR_2<a3 && iVAR_1<a4)  

    I uploaded the file 2 months agao for new Build 600+ for MT4. The iVAR_nmc is available here


    so now, you can get rid of bad entires, when opening a trade inside the logic


    && iVAR()