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The Stanford Discovery about remote viewing

The Stanford institute were trying to understand what makes the psychics succesful in their predictions and what makes them damn wrong. They tried everything for spi purpouses even out of body experiences. 

As I am from the french school of though and we disnguish in everything two twings all the time I can say that there are two ideas.

The firt way is ESP (extra sensory perception) is a a particular state of mind ans special mind conditions are necessary in order to be a psychic. And you will find none of this in those documents, even if Ingo Schwan uses an alternate mind states.

However in those condition you really cannot understand what is real and what is imagination. On the other hand you are very vulnerable for psychic attacks. Some magick practitionors know that very well.

The other theory is that no particular state of mind is necessary. We are constantly in the flow of information. They call that the matrix, long before the film. What is needed is a process to get the information before the creative imagination take over. They call all picture that is coming in the imagination an Analytical overlay and is most of the time rubish. So you will not find any special meditation techniques. Why? Because there arent any special mind techniques. The only thing you can do is to take bit per bit information from the matrix and record it on paper. And you make more and more iterations. And you process the information before the imagination takes over. There is the secret and that is a BIG discovery and most of the people interested in the new wave are completely unaware if it and they are a simple pray of their imagination and not so friendly non material influences. As traders are particularly vulnerable it is not a good idea to experiment with those kind of stuff, especially if you are not under supervision and control. Anyway it is dangerous.  

The truth is ()just an opinion LOL) that we are in a big ocean of information. There is a a barrier between it and us. Any force attack of the barrier is protected (the creative imagination under alternate state if mind). That is why other methods have been developped taking information bit per bit, per bit, hacking it, this is what remote viewing is about.

Have you  ever solved a problem in less than 4 seconds? If you did that is probably because you had an access to that source of information.


  • jaguar1637 3237 days ago

    There is also several serious issues regarding remote viewing practises.

    - first issue: - the practise of remote viewing on particular and precise point, must be balanced w/ the global vision, without thinking, means meditation on the concept of infinity or eternity, otherwise people practising remote viewing, will go mad very quickly 

    - second issue: - by watching something, you create the thing, furthermore, if you predict some event, the possibility of building this reality is equal than predicting the reality

    this implies special counter effects :

    - if someone wants to "view" from remote, the secret weapons from China, at the same time, he will see those real weapons, and at the same time, he will help the imagination of chinese engineer to build the kind of weapon he has "seen"

    - this is in relation of several magical laws. first one is : - man exists only if there are at least one hundred people trusting in your existence. If there are just a few people beleiving in your existence, you disapear. Second law: If you beleive in something, you create this thing. Positive thoughts generate creation, negative thoughts attract destruction

    - if I continue my explanation, I can say, the Universe acts as a mirror and provides the reality the people wants to live.

    - The human brain creates its own reality. there is a french dicton saying " If a woman wants something, God wants it too (for her)"


  • jaguar1637 3237 days ago

    At the end, there is also several big flaw, about the intentions, purposes and objectives for doing such activities. 

    If it's just for investissors, the purpose is quite clear:  - just for money, but in this case, there is an usage of the mind/spirit to make more money, and because the universe is balanced, there is a price to access of hidden informations without sharing the profit.

    Also, as you should know, most of main worldwide companies specially pharmaceutical one, used team composed psychic tellers and remote viewing, to define their research on most expected products in the next 10 years, and to maintain their leadership.

    because, R&D budgets cost so much, those companies try to not bypass their budgets by decovering new products, new particlues, new molecules. So, they ask those kind of teams to give to them a selection of expected products, and they can launch their R/D program on those products and maintain their leadership

    By acting that way, this way of managing companies, creates a limitation about the individual creation,  and imagination.  It's like if they were locking the future and erasing new opportunities

    This is true, there are new motors working w/ new kind of energy, could help the world to get out from the economical crisis. But the model of the western societies prefer to continue w/ an economy based on oil and uranium, instead of lighter energy sources.


  • JohnLast 3237 days ago

    In this group I gathered a lot of information about remote viewing.One of the most interesting links is the farsight isntitute. So what need to be remembered is that remote viewing or controlled remote viewing is about following protocols. Yes that is right all is about folloiwing protocols. 

    So. Yes it is easy, I made an experiment with some friends and everybody had skills, they were even amazed by that.

    On the other hand the practical value to see things (in fact you see nothing you register and interprete the results) was close to zero.

    However there are some practical implementations and special protocols about trading, and they concerne the algorythmic trading too.Nobody has ever tested publically with published results.

    I know everybody has the right and the freedom to have the experiences and the beliefs they want.

    However be aware of the inherent danger and that is not appropriate with everybody.

    As far as I know the technical remote viewing is much safer than any other clairvoyant practice.

    The reason behind it is because you do not enter into alternative states of mind.


    What I think that this stuff need to be taken seriously and responsibly. There is an analogy with the homeopathic medecine. There are some "statistical proofs" that it works but nobody knows why.


    Some modern scientists are dealing with the quantum mechanics in order to hypothise why this stuff exists but they are not very far in their explanations. See for example the quantum activism.

    The reality is much more magical than mundane. In fact the practice of magick almost always has been connected with the seek of power.

    The high societies have been always interested in the practice of magick, even it is possible to say that the success of some countries is connected with their practice of magick. I can give many examples but I will stop here.