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Should you use your intuition in your trading?

Should you use your intuition in your trading?

Last updated 3719 days ago by JohnLast

The remote viewing insights about the intuition can be considered in a trading perspective. How the intuition is related to trading? Can you use this intrument in your trading routine. Or do you simply do that?

I have been reading an article from Joe Ross who says that the intuition is a valuable tool and that tool can be used if it is sincerely recognized as a tool. However comes the question.

Do you build on your intuition abilities through practice?

There are many approaches among traders between the accpetance and the sincere denial.

In my humble opinion even if you consider yourself as a system trader many of the parameters of your system can be a result of intuitive choices. For example to choose this type of optimization or that type. To use those parameters or the others, to optimize this parameter or not. Everywhere there are choices to be made. Can the intuition play a role into that? Sure it does at least on some uncoscient level.

The Remote  viewing studies are very interesting as they use a systematic analysis of the phenomenon.

One of the interesting things is that you cannot build on your intuition through practice. That is confirmed in my own observation among chartists and common technical analysis. There is level to be obtained in understanding the price patterns. But beyon a certain level it is impossible to upgrade. You won't be more profitable trough more and more experience in chart patterns reading. You can learn that as a matter of several months. After that you won't be any better in charting.

If you think that you will build on your intuition you are wrong. Intuition is not built upon experience in trading.

According to the remote viewing knowledge we are constantly submerged into a flow of information.

You do not need a special mind state change to have an access to this information. (This was tested in lab as far as I know an altered state of mind does not add anything, there is a possibility to measure the brain waves, the normal states is the beta wave, alpha wave is a slower wave). So the theory is that is that you can access in this flow of information, they call it the matrix (or the collective sub).

Quite the opposite the more experience in technical analysis less you could use your true intuition.

Ain't that a Shit?

Tat can be explained the more you chart more and more pictures you would have in your mind. And they will appear as analytical overlays. So even if you have an intuitive signal this signal would be submerged by your analytical experience with more and more nested analytical overlays.

This is how it works.

Well is it possible to use your intuition after all. Yes specific protocols have been developped for that. There are base on Associative Remote Viewing (ARV). That technique is developped by cutting short the analytical overlay, because if you have to predict long or short your analitical mind will swith on, that is why you should remote view something that is not associated with the market. For example apple is for buy, pig is for sell. That is to assure that no analytical overlay will be involeved.

The shit there is that they are only probabilistic, that is because THE FUTURE IS UNCERTAIN. The future can be predicted with some kind of probability but the future is not DETERMINISTIC. Thare are many theories trying to explain all that one of the theories is the theory of the multiple universes.