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The Welcome Page

The Welcome Page

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Welcome at Beathespread. Yes, seriously you are welcome. 

A friend asked me to write some things about the new trader not the experienced one, that knows everything. He asked me to explain what can be used in this site. In fact he finds everything too much complicated and he has a head ache looking at things like that. He said things on babypips and investopedai are much easier, they have nice tutorials explaining everything and building up confidence. 

Hm ... what to say, that babypips and investopedia is bullshit and here is the real thing. Obviously not. 

Those sites have put a lot of effort to make understandable the information to the newby trader. But I doubt very much that the people who actually wrote that have anything to do with trading and risking their shirt at the market. Simply there are many talented writers out there that can write just about anything for money. And what they write is nice and it is taken from the big books of technical analysis.

However this social network is mainly for Forex, yes Forex. Most of the things you can read are about technical analysis in general. If you do not make the difference you are going to suffer terribly.

I just do not know where to start here because there are many things what I want to say is.

-Be carefull . Do not trust anything, try to test everything on your own. Do not trust blindly the snake oil Forex system vendors selling you the next holy grail on the market.

-It is not easy. Yes it is not. I know traders with 8 years and they still work everyday on their systems.

You may wonder why, but the market is constantly changing and you have to work very hard in order to keep the balance clear and your bank account intact.

-Do not take it personnal when you are wrong, that does not mean you are stupid. 


The problem is that Forex is not about easy money. 

Yes money can be made otherwise you may think that we are just a bunch of amateur masochists sitting there on this site. 



  • jaguar1637 4008 days ago

    Hi absolute beginners

    Yes, listen JOhn Last, bcoz he is right.

    There are plenty of scams, fake robots sold on the web, NEVER, NEVER buy them. Why ? for several reasons:

    - You can not control the logic inside, nor the martingale

    - the seller can send informations to the robot, for stopping it, or making it selling in reverse mode, and make you loose money and all your account

    - You do not know how is made inside the robot you bought, (very often the logic used iis not the real utilized). and worse, you do not control the robot, and if the market changes of type, the robot you bought, will be useless