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  • osas joined the group New approach in Neuronal Networks 3479 days ago
  • Hello John, I know this EA thread is old but am quite interested in how the Genetic Algorithm code in this EA works. I have tried to understand it and from my understanding it appears when implementing the GA code in an EA, there is need for the...
  • osas is now a friend with geeegee 3537 days ago
  • hI, Guys, I have been examiming at the iVAR indicator for some time now and I seriously have some doubts regarding its eficacy in accurately detecting the trend of the market . Attched below is a screenshot which I just pulled out from my MT4...
    • jaguar1637 3538 days ago


      here for Beathespread, we have made huge tests and backtesting on iVAR.

      Today, there are one trader from Italy who trades w/ this indicator and another one, named ZUP

      OK, we have found this

      iVAR should be used in PERIOD_1M  (TF one minute) and its value between a threshold. 

      ok at the begin of the EA, put those lines     

      extern int TimeFrameiVAR = PERIOD_M1;  

      extern bool UseiVAR = true;
      extern int periods = 5;
      extern double a1 = 0.01;
      extern double a2 = 0.01;
      extern double a3 = 0.55;
      extern double a4 = 0.54;


      we have observed the a4 should be sometimes, depending on brokers, equal to 0.54 or 0.53.

      After, add this boolean function

      bool iVAR()
         bool Result=false;
         double iVAR_1=iCustom(symbol,TimeFrameiVAR,"iVAR_nmc",periods,0,1);
         double iVAR_2=iCustom(symbol,TimeFrameiVAR,"iVAR_nmc",periods,0,2);
         if(iVAR_2>a1 && iVAR_1>a2 && iVAR_2<a3 && iVAR_1<a4)  

      I uploaded the file 2 months agao for new Build 600+ for MT4. The iVAR_nmc is available here


      so now, you can get rid of bad entires, when opening a trade inside the logic


      && iVAR()  

  • osas joined the group stochastic volatility 3541 days ago
  • osas commented on the file Speedometer_v1 for OSAS 3617 days ago
    Thanks for sharing this. How does this work? I just attached it to my chart. Am lost :) How can it be used to predict the next candle trend?