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  • bots the last couple of weeks

    took a hit but recovered....

    Tags: bots, robots, ea

    4106 days ago

  • SSA EA example

    This is an example  how to call directly the SSA dll for practical use in EA. This is not a working trading EA, just an example how to implement the idea.

    Tags: SSA, SSAep, EA

    4109 days ago

  • EA Gann High Low Activator

    I made my own EA Gann High Low Activator. It is based on the indicator Gann High Low activator SSL from the code base. You can download the indicator with the EA from here, just click on the download button. You need to install the indicator in order to make it work the EA. And here the good ne...

    Tags: Gann, EA, High-Low Activator, indicator

    4303 days ago

  • Configure EA in Options Tools menu bars

    For those who are interested for configuring expert advisors inside a MT4 client

    Tags: EA

    4320 days ago

  • EA_perceptronpfe_ v1 results

    EA_perceptronpfe_ v1 results

    Tags: EA

    4345 days ago

  • Brain Trend EA tests on 15 m time frame

    Here is a shot of the Brain Trend EA tests since 26.12.2011 until 04.07.2012 on the 15 time frame for EURUSD with the default settings of lenght 50. As you can see the results are typical for a trend following EA, the % of profitable trades is 39.33 %. And that is something completely normal for...

    Tags: EA, test, brain trend

    4397 days ago

  • SSS with two chaos kernels

    Here I add a mod with two chaos kernels. Please check those two discussions: http://beathespread.com/pages/view/9823/chaos-kernel-function-using-the-logistic-map http://beathespread.com/file/view/10551/chaos-kernel-spinal-implant   От EA tests   От EA...

    Tags: expert, ea, chaos, spinal implant

    4399 days ago

  • sss_ai with r-squared confirmation

    This is a mod of spinal implant that I was recluctant to post. Not because it is a money machine but because I did not find any impro vement. However the logic may be interesting and may be used into another EA model. So that is why I will post it.    double rsquared=iCustom(NULL,T...

    Tags: EA, expert adviser, r-squared

    4401 days ago

  • Spinal implant with iVAR kernel

    This is a test version of the Spinal implant with kernel adaptation of iVAR combination. The idea is that we can use a combination of iVARs with different period of estimating the Hurst exponent.  The idea is not very theoretically sound but, nevertheless I made a trial.  So this is ...

    Tags: EA, experimental EA

    4391 days ago

  • Synergy EA

    I did an expert with another free version of the Synergy arrows. So, what is the point? You can see that the appearance of the indicator arrows can be highly misleading with the actual performance. Check and See.   От EA tests

    Tags: Synergy, EA

    4408 days ago

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